Exterior Protection

Paint Protection Coating (PPC)


NEOSKiN - the ultimate paint protection coating. Protect your car's paint with our exclusive self healing coating. Watch scratches disappear off your car!

1-year Paint Protection Coating

Using nano-technology, our carbon coating will enhance your car's gloss whilst protecting its paint against bird droppings, oxidation.

Paint Protection Films


The best of both worlds! With our hydrophobic paint protection film, your vehicle's exterior will be safe from light scratches whilst giving it a hydrophobic finish, allowing water to slide right off!


Looking for something to keep your car's exterior protected from the elements? Look no further! Our Clear Paint Protection Film is laser cut to your car's specifications, ensuring a perfect fitment!


The ultimate protection for your vehicle! Our UltraSkin paint protection film is self-healing with total rejection of small scratches or swirls! All whilst keeping your car safe from any road damage!

Stone Guards Protection

Keep your car's paint protected from any road debris that might be spun out by your wheels! Available in any color of your liking!

Door Edge Guards Protection

Keep your car's paint protected from any damage when opening the door in a tight spot! Without our door edge guards, they take the beating, so that your door's paint doesn't.

Soft-Top Fabric Protection

As any other part of your car, your soft-top is exposed to the same harsh enviromental conditions as the rest of the car. Keep it protected with our soft-top protection and prevent them from early wear & tear and leaking!

Rain Repellent Protection

Improve your winter driving experience with auto shine! With our nano rain repellent, you benefit from: improved visibility, increased driving safety, reduced water marks, protection from rain, snow and dirt.

interior protection

Interior Fabric Protection

Keep your car's interior clean and protected at all times! Our exclusive hydrophobic interior protection will work against spillage of all kinds.

Window Film Protection

Protect and reject against most all sun rays beating down your interior swith our variety of window-tinting services, while adding a level of privacy and look of exterior aggressiveness!

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